Sadness Cosplay from the Disney Pixar movie “Inside Out”.

“The movie Inside Out took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I thought it was wonderful how they helped to illustrate how important it is to validate all of your emotions. When I first watched the film I really wanted to cosplay Disgust, I still do. However, one morning I was feeling particularly gloomy and the weather was overcast and dreary. While cleaning out my cosplay closet I found a few pieces that seemed to speak to me instantly. It took me moments to don the character and the Cajun and I went out to shoot Sadness. While we were shooting thunder rolled in and sure enough then rain. It was a very fitting shoot and a great way to turn my mood around. Cosplay is art and art is therapy. <3" Sadness: Northern Belle Rogue Photography by Cajun Cosplay

Sadness NBR Given Up

Sadness NBR Holding Memory

Sadness NBR Crying

Sadness NBR First Shot

Sadness NBR Circle of Sadness