Savage Land Rogue (Pride Variant)

Savage Land Rogue Cosplay (Pride Variant) This was created for Toronto Pride 2013.

As one of my favourite characters, I’ve made it my mission to work through all of Rogue’s variants. In 2013 while marching in the Toronto PRIDE Parade with the Toronto Gaymers, I had the perfect excuse to put together Savage Land Rogue – with a PRIDE twist.

This was this first cosplay I ever did that exposed my midriff, something I’m not particularly comfortable doing. However I figured if there was one event out there where nobody would really be looking at me, because everybody is half naked and covered in glitter, it was PRIDE. It was an incredible opportunity to push myself as cosplayer and performer and a wonderful experience over all.

The initial design included a rainbow headband, and a rainbow coloured hair extension in line with my white streak, and a lot more glitter, however I decided to change over for the more classic Savage Land look for the shoot. That said, the sequins and bejeweled bra and lacey over shirt/gloves were obviously part of the PRIDE variant. At some point I would like to redo this costume without my original touches and have it be an exact replica of the Savage Land Series.

Savage Land Rogue made and modeled by Northern Belle Rogue.
Photography by Jonathan Pang