Hel cosplay, Norse goddess of the Underworld.

Straight out of Helheim one of my favourite mythological characters has always been Hel. The daughter of Loki, she had two brothers the wolf Fenrir and the world serpent J√∂rmungandr. When the gods discovered the existence of these three children it was prophesied that “great mischief and disaster would arise from them” Their basis was on the nature of the children’s parents and as a result Odin threw J√∂rmungandr into the deep sea that lies round all lands, and banished Hel to Niflheim. At first as someone rather fond of duality I was drawn in by Hel’s appearance. She was often described as “Half black and half flesh coloured” or “rather downcast and fierce looking” but as I read more about her I found the story line fascinating. I firmly believe that everything is connected and thus the consequences of our actions are not always apparent to us. In that same way a parents sins can be visited upon the child such as with Loki and Hel. Similarly, the story taught me about expectations and how appearances can be deceiving. I’ve wanted to execute this concept since I was quite young, and am thrilled that with the assistance of ArtistiCurves and Skin Detailz we were able to pull it off. We aimed to recreate not only the children of Loki, but also the deception of Hel’s nature. The results were better than I had hoped for. The shoot was also accepted into the May issue of Art Katalyst magazine in their “Death & Rebirth” issue and you can see a couple of the shots in the Geek Girls Group Mythos post here. Remember, just because someone puts their best face forward, doesn’t mean there isn’t a beast still lurking beneath the surface.

Hel: Northern Belle Rogue
Body Paint & Photography: ArtistiCurves
Beauty Make Up: Skin Detailz

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